Sentiero greste Mughera

Steep and difficult – a 3 hour climb, 1 hour to walk back; trainers or mountain boots required)
From Hotel Riviera one can reach the main road towards Riva before the first tunnel, 100 meters after the tourist office is the beginning of Vertical path no. 136. It is cabled for the first 30 meters but then it goes steeply towards the mountain, reaching the first pines and ilex after 100 meters, but soon the vegetation turns into grass and the view is stunning. Soon you climb higher and higher to reach a point where there are some iron steps with wires. Although it looks scary, this path has been like like this for only a couple of years. There used to be no security, but it was still possible to do. You are now just above Limone’s little harbour, the church is below you, and the higher you climb the more the sounds of town fade away. At a certain point one reaches a plateau with a thick vegetation of ilex and oaks. This is the so called ‘Doss dei Rùer’ ‘the durmust’ rise’. Here you will find a cross road that gives you the possibility to go back to Limone by taking the ‘senter del Bepi’ on your left. If you keep to the right our path will go ahead; coming out from the vegetation you will go on climbing with the usual low grass among the rocks and in some of the steeper parts you can hold on to the usual security wire. The view below can be scary if you look down in some cleft where the path goes by. The top of the Mughera peak is at 1061 meters, you know you have arrived when you come to a table with 2 benches and a fantastic view of 360°. One can look north towards Riva and Torbole, seee Mount Stivo and to south to the bay of Sirmione. It is a good opportunity to have a rest because after 100 meters from this point there is a small kiosk with drinks and sandwiches, refill your water bottle and rest before going down to No. 101 to the Milanesa point. At the bridge follow the path to the second big bridge at the Saint Giovanni statue, go back on the road on the right towards the Hotel Riviera.


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