Numerous are the paths and the tracks through which one could walk or hike just by leaving the car at the Hotel Riviera in Limone and heading up towards the mountain, also by mountain bike. Elsewhere in these pages there is more about “Trekkings”.


1 hour every morning
We have dedicated this path to our sister Sira who used to spend her long summer vacation with us at the Hotel Riviera, her house of birth. She liked to help us in the kitchen during dinner service. Her favourite activity was her early walks with her dog Bianca. Before everybody would wake up for breakfast, Sira would eventually appear, sometimes with some clients that liked to follow her. From the Villa Serena main entrance she would head up to the end of via Enrico de Nicola. At this point she might cross the closed gate by the side of it, and cross through the olive garden until the main road Via Tamas, which is the road that leads towards Tremosine. At this point she would take the way back on this road towards Limone at the level of Via San Pietro a narrow cable stone road on the left, which ends with a Romanic little church, that you can find described in this web site. From this point Sira’s track goes up until the Comboni Monastery and cross it until the small waterfall. From this point there is a new restored 1 km way that embraces the mountain until via Milanesa, where at the bridge, one can follow down the path along San Giovanni river and at the San Giovanni statue turn right towards Hotel Riviera. Sira used to call this path the hare walk. Now that she has left us before her time we would like to call this path after her, tireless walker.
In Tremosine the sport of Nordic Walking can be practiced with a guide, see:
Cult-Walking/Nordic-walking mit cultur:
6 Km (Tremosine)


At about 800 meters up, one can find Lino’s surf school. Beside the windsurfing lessons one can hire a windsurf, a stand up paddling board, a catamaran and a kayak.
By just walking down the 90 steps of the stairs departing from the HOTEL RIVIERA, one finds the long beach of Tifù where one could sunbathe, swim or practice the art of ‘doing nothing ’ under the fig trees, which is probably one of the reasons why people chose to go on holiday. Recently people are becoming more active and sporty, looking for excitement. In this case the beach offers 2 kite surf schools:


(circa 800 metri) la scuola di surf di Lino
si trova alla spiaggia del fiume San Giovanni, la si può raggiungere a piede dal distributore IP, al ponte scende una scaletta che prosegue fino a questa spiaggia. Possibilità di noleggio WINDSURF, SUP STAND PADDLING e KAYAK


The sailing club Limone is located on the Hotel Riviera beach at 600 mt. distance from the house. The club offers courses for children and adults for Optimist, Laser and the 420. There is space for your own sailing boat, catamaran or kayak with a slipway for the boats.
Lake Garda is popular for its several winds, some of them constant, such as the ORA or PELER. These two winds are formed thanks to the morphology of the lake and the different air pressure of the northern part as it is squeezed among narrow and high mountains and the southern part which is prevalently flat.
The Ora derives from the latin ‘aura’ which means wind blowing from the south towards north (in dialect ‘vènt the sòta’ literally means wind coming from underneath) and is active in the afternoon between noon and 6 p.m. producing a slightly wavy movement of the waters. While the Peler blows from the north to south (vent de sura literally means wind blowing from above) it is a north wind that blows constantly from sunrise to noon. Its name derives of the way it blows by creating a wave but ‘pealing’ it on the top.
The wind is called Pelerass when the north wind is very strong, Pelerì when the north wind is soft. Then we have the Balì wind (there is a saying: the Balì wind lasts three days and three nights and is referred to the Ballino Pass by the Tenno lake), this is a cold and tense wind that develops mainly in the winter and can also be dangerous for navigation. Another dangerous wind is the “fisherman” wind, the ‘vènt de san simù’ it takes place usually in November time around the days of Saint Simon (the protector of fishermen) when the fishing season is about to finish.
The S. Simù wind ‘sbrega le vele e romp i timù’ which literally means a wind that rips the sails and breaks the steering wheels, for this reason the only hope is to ask protection from the Saint.


At only 400 mt from the Hotel Riviera one can find the communal tennis courts. Bookings can be made at the reception, whether for a lesson or a playing partner.


There are different levels of riding near Limone and the Hotel. “Wild” , ride through the woods among the hills and mountains of the Park of the High Garda Lake such as in Vesio (by Tremosine), at the NAI farm (this farm is ideal also for families and they also provide genuine products from their restaurant). Gaino farm provides lessons as well as guided excursions in an area above Toscolano Maderno in the so called Paper Valley or towards the Golf course and around the hills. Finally there is a dressage school by Arcese in Arco, 15 km from the Hotel Riviera where one can improve your jumping skills and horse riding at a high level.


At only a few km distance from Limone, in the Brasa Tale, it is possible to descend the San Michele river by canyoning. The team guides you through the canyon equipped with the ideal clothes to avoid cold and feel comfortable across a wild river with waterfalls and clefts in non contaminated surroundings. Although this sport seems dangerous it can be practiced by everyone – families with children will be able to climb and descend with a double rope and finally swim in crystalline waters. The groups are usually small to allow everybody the right help and support. There are different teams around Lake Garda that guide you in this sport. Carlo or Marco at the reception of Hotel Riviera can advise you.



Limone and the High Lake Garda park is the ideal place for bikers. This sport which has improved in the last 15 years sees many biking lovers coming with their own equipment. One can head off towards the mountains straight from the Hotel Riviera towards Tremosine, towards Passo Nota, 9km from Vesio one can go to the Tremalzo Pass or head down towards the path no. 421 at the Guil Pass and decide whether to head towards the Ponale road that leads to Riva del Garda or coming down through the path no’s 117 and 101 to Limone and the Milanesa. There is a wide net of paths and ways developed especially during the first world war when these mountains were strategic for the protection of the border with Austria and South Tirol which was only at 5 km from the Italian confine. Mediterranean vegetation is visible on the coast of the High Lake Garda region where Limone is situated and one can easily reach, by walking, trail running, or biking, an alpine vegetation with a stunning flora and amazing trees. Within the space of a few hours this landscape will show you the most wonderful contrasts.


There is an 18 hole golf course in Bogliaco at only 20 minutes drive from Limone, in a beautiful area called Cecina among secular plants and an interesting mixture of shade and stunning views of the lake, worth a visit even if you do not play golf.


There are different authorised teams in this sport in the northern part of the lake. The most popular one can be found on the Monte Baldo peak, many clients from the hotel have already tried this shivering experience, especially the Tandem option is realistic and safe also for youths above 14 years old, as an expert leads you while descending. From hotel Riviera one can see with the naked eye the paraglider coming down in silence, waving with the wind like a huge coloured butterflie. The hotel has flier and can call and book for you this adventure.
Malcesine, Monte Baldo, Arco, Mori,
Villa Lagarina, Molveno


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