Sentiero del monte



(Good walking boots are required or trail running shoes. Total walk 5 to 6 hours). Each SUNDAY from the middle of June to the middle of September this walk is accompanied by a guide. Meeting point is the tourist information office, at 8,00 am. If you are interested in doing a guided walk you can decide to take an earlier breakfast and get a lift from Milena to the tourist office..
From the Hotel Riviera you take the Nanzello road towards Limone. When you reach the bridge at the river, turn left onto the steep road towards the oil mill, at the bridge walk towards the mountain along the river and you will reach another bridge – here you are at the beginning of path no. 101 at the Milanesa. Take the walk from above the river and walk all along the 101which is almost 2 hours along a steep cable stone road. At 750 m. ‘erta del Murèl’ point you have to follow the sign towards Baita Segala, the path becomes narrow and goes into the wood for another half hour until you reach the MUGHERA peak (m. 1161). Continue on the path that goes on the left for approx..100 meters. From there you come to a panoramic point with a table and benches which are really worth the visit. From here walk back onto the road again and follow the N. 422 that leads you in half hour to the Segala Hut (m. 1250). If it is a Sunday and you are with your alpine guide at this point you will get a lunch with pasta, cheese and salami. The hut is normally self catered, you can take a bottle of water, cook your own meal, make your own coffee, and have a quiet rest. During the winter month people come here to warm themselves by the fire.
This is the objective of the day’s walk, it is easy to find the way back, take the sign just outside the hut leading you towards Limone, No. 104, than the you can easily find No. 101 again, or walk down along the river, Pala dei Salc’. In this case follow the nos. 104 and 119 and no. 104 again until no. 125. Follow the river with its beautiful waterfalls and when you have reached the little elm bridge and the bench, you are back at no. 101 that brings you down to the point from where you started.


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