Sunday By Boat Towards


this is a story-walk between water and mountain where the image of the lake is always in your eyes. It is a kind of return way of the journey that Johann Wolfgang Goethe did when to Torbole he came by boat towards Malcesine bypassing Limone.
A story by Ghita Beltrami
It is the 12th of may it is Sunday and there won’t be any dinner at the Villa Serena so I thought at a long trip may be by boat. It is a wonderful quite May day with the smell of  roses and lemon flowers scent everywhere. Just have a look at the timetable,  at 10 a.m. from Limone I could take the boat that reaches Torbole so I head down to the town centre once on the boat I read Goethe his Italian Journey. In 1786 the German writer by meeting the view of the lake Garda he gets inspired in writing his new impressions, his hearth opens to sublime sensations that he had never experienced with a new authentic joy. In is journey he was looking for classicism. While on the boat I see Limone’s shore slowing getting farther south while the boat heads north toward the fiord of the lake. Once in Torbole you have to find the steps that from the main road brings you towards Busatte a parc which is 20 minutes of walk from the lake shore. The view from this path that leads on narrow but well kept hilly way towards Tempesta. There are sometimes steep iron stairways positioned on the rock to allow the passage from one steep rock of the other, in a place where a path would have been impossible to be created. From these steps there are all sorts of birds from simple sparrow to falcons and the beauty of the flora is described along the way through panels that illustrate also the landscape. It take 1 hour and ½ to reach the end of the path until the main road. At this point one has to walk on the main road ‘gardesana’ to reach back Torbole (30 minutes). Now you can take the boat back to Limone and finally breath Goethe’s impression when he first navigates these waters: ‘Do you know the land where the lemons grow?……….’ he saw the old houses, the lemon gardens under the rocks, the little villages placed in the mountains and was impressed by its gentle beauty. Those building at the lake shore is the Garbera which used to belong to the Bettoni family the house hosted all the painting by Celesti which are now in their Brescia residence in Via Marsala. Another interesting building crowns the little harbour of Limone, this belongs to the Carattoni family which still own the palace and comes here sometimes. And I am taken by my impression the ancient atmosphere that the village still has.


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