One Afternoon At The Tenno Lake

a walk between the middle age and the blue waters

Today it’s a wonderful day, but a bit to hot. Still remains in my heart the wish to visit the Tenno Lake. I knew the way as I just after the Waterfalls I had to drive further towards the mountain to reach it. So I drove towards the little town of CANALE di Tenno, a little rural village with a historic centre dating back to the middleages, a place where the time has stopped and history still breaths. The are written testimony of this town since 1211, one can see this by the architecture of the stony houses, the porches of bows, the arches of the entrances. There is a little museum of the agricultural tools used for winery and cattle breeding, farming and domestic life. Here one finds the house of Artists dedicated to the painter Giacomo Vittone who had this initial idea. During the summer there are events that make this historic boundaries come alive through traditional markets, historic costumed figures, banners and natural torches to enlighten the roads, hence it is like a jump back in another century.
There is a path that leads from the town of Canale to CAVOLA. In a square of the village there are the statues representing the ‘Vicinia’ a memory of the collective ruling belonging to this community. A few kilometres from Canale one meats the near TENNO, the little FRAPPORTA castle is worth a visit. On the outskirt of the walls there is a tower of the XVIth century with the old fountain and an Roman tomb. From Frapporta one can reach the near church of SAN LORENZO (XII century) in a Romanesque style with frescos of 1384. From this point one can admire the terraces of land, the harmony of a rural landscape with gardens and narrow paths towards the town of MATTONI and from there the area of FONTANELLE.
At this point it’s time to reach the near TENNO LAKE. To reach it one has to walk down the historic steps a quite area with turquoise waters surrounded by huge trees. The environment here is totally natural and one can be impressed by the history that tells the origin of the lake. This lake has no glacial origin. But it has been created due to a huge earth fall that took place in 1100 detaching from the Mount Misone. This huge amount of earth has filled the valley interrupting the flow of the river called RI SEC that in the years has created a lake.
There is an island of 3000 square meters in the middle of the lake thus the trees on in and its round form surrounded by turquoise waters underlines the round form of the lake beaches. It is necessary after such a walk to jump in these waters and have a refreshing swim. It might be time to have a nap and than follow the way back to the car. And also today I finish my day with water of a much tranquil and soothing dimension.


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