On The Sun Trail

Every Tuesday with a local guide and free of charge this walk starts at 9, a.m. from the tourist information office. It is not a difficult walk and one could try to do it on one’s own.
From the Hotel Riviera walk down into the city centre until you reach the end of the lake shore promenade. At the Hotel Azzurro turn left where the road for Rèamol starts along via Porto, via Nova and via Reamol until the road ends up on the main ‘gardesana’ road on a small parking lot. At this point if you walk back 10 meters and cross the road you see the start of the sun trail: ‘sentiero del sole’, the trail surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation is located above the gardesana main road, you might hear a car passing by, but the path is nestled among black pines, ilex (Quercus ilex), cypresses, bay (Laurus nobilis). During June-July you might find wild yellow flowers of the Euforbia plant (Euphorbia esula L.), in dialect called ‘the milky plant’, as by breaking the stalk a white liquid comes out that was used to cure skin illness such as warts. On this trail it is easy to find, hidden in the bush, war fortifications initially built for the first world war than reused for the second world war. The final point of this trail, called REAMOL, has amazing tunnels, some of 30m long. This was a strategic point during the first world war as it was on the borders between Austria and Italy, hence many fortifications and bunkers for soldiers with heavy weapons were placed and hidden in this area which are still to be discovered. Having reached this point you might cross a stony valley and climb up the mountain to follow the path on the way back. The path is a bit steep at the beginning but with a stunning view. From a point called ‘Doss dela Tera’ at 240 m. one reaches a construction used to produce calk, a white powder used before the invention of cement to construct houses. The path after a few curves reaches the panoramic point where you can sit and admire the lake landscape, here another path starts, it is Number 122 that leads you to the ‘Larici point’ but it is another 2 hours steep walk for which you might come back another time. From the bench you walk down towards your Hotel Riviera, walk to the main road and take the same road back from Hotel Panorama towards the city centre of Limone.


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