The Bocca Larici Path


Total time 4 hours, difficult, walking boots essential
From the hotel you have to go to the beginning of the sun trail : walk down to the end of the lake shore promenade before the Hotel Azzurro, you see the beginning of the road Reamol that leads after a couple of km up to the main road before the Hotel Panorama. Crossing the road you walk uphill until you find the sign of the beginning of no. 122. From this point it will take you 2 hours to reach the top called Bocca Larici which means the ‘mouth of larchs’. You know you have arrived when emerging from a wood you come out into a field surrounded by a fence, where in the summer the sheep graze, and the path goes along the fence. Once on the top you to turn left and follow path no. 130, which goes along the peaks of Reamol. Not far from the sign there is a fountain with good fresh water. At this point you might want to have a drink or fill your bottle as for the next hour there are no other drinking facilities. From this point onwards the path is more pleasant, not as steep as the first two hours. The view from this path is beautiful and the more you climb the better the view, until you reach the ‘Rocchetta peak’ and road no. 422 that leads to the Mughera top. From the Mughera it is easy to come down along no. 101 until the Milanesa bridge. From there take the path along the river until the Saint Giovanni statue where you go back to the road on your left that brings you straight to the Hotel Riviera.


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